5 Smart Space Saving Tips for Kitchens

To own a kitchen as big as living room is a dream for many. But unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with spacious kitchen. However, there are intelligent and innovative ways to utilise space in your kitchen. Check out some of the below listed space saving tips:

  1. Opt for wall mounted storage

Kitchen will definitely have unused space of wall or entirely blank wall. Transform this wall it into beautiful wall mount storage. Fix steel rods with hooks, one below the other – to give enough space for hanging kitchenware. You can hang ladles, saucepans, knives, strainers, kitchen towels and much more. You could possibly paint the wall with a black chalk paint – to give it a classy effect. This idea is definitely a winner to use up empty wall space in your kitchen.

  1. Use the interiors of cabinet doors efficiently

For kitchens with cabinets – you can efficiently make use of cabinet door interiors. Installing magnetic holders, hooks and pegs can be a great way to increase storage space. This is absolutely a perfect way to store spices, containers, ladles, knives, peelers etc. You could also mount a paper towel holder. This is a great way to keep the clutter away. The paper towel stays in place and is easily accessible whenever needed.

  1. Space saving drawers

Most of the modular kitchen cabinets come with Pullout drawers or shelves. Pull Out drawers are easily accessible, and can store almost three-fourth of your kitchen essentials. These space saving drawers can store plates, cutlery, tumblers, scissors, vessels and many more. Cabinet corners are mostly unused; one can install custom drawers in unused spaces to serve extra storage purpose. It is best to utilise any unused space in your kitchen to enhance the illusion of space. Learn more space saving kitchen design tips from Vision One Homes.

  1. Use different storage racks

There are numerous storage racks available for any kitchen. Pan racks can hold the pans in upright position and make it easy to access. It is truly frustrating to search for a right pan, amidst the heap of vessels sitting inside cabinet. Wired racks come in various shapes and sizes – it is easy to mount them in most of the places. You can fix these wired racks under shelves to help in extra storage. You can even stack them inside cabinet interiors to load up essentials.


  1. Organisers can be lifesavers

Kitchen is the first place to get messy with smaller things. If you do not have modular kitchen yet, we definitely insist you to go for one. However, we do have some simple tips – to organise smaller things in non-modular kitchen. Use cutlery holder for smaller kitchen. This usually takes the least space anywhere in your kitchen – but, can assist you a great deal for storing cutlery. For cups lying around in your kitchen, use a cup holder – this can save oodles of space. Even simpler is to use the mugs or mason jars to store spoons, knives, forks etc.

A simplest and awesome idea is to have a kitchen without door; it gives a spacious illusion effortlessly.

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