Beauty’s in the Eye of the Beholder: Remodeling Your Home from the Inside Out

Homeowners in the middle of planning a major home makeover often think about their dream for the interior of their home. And why not? Many of us (especially now) spend the majority of our time indoors, and when we’re planning to reinvent those indoor spaces, we want to get them just right. Suffice it to say that more often than not, homeowners will work tirelessly on the interiors of their homes only to find the exterior lacking. When you’re considering a full renovation or remodel, don’t forget your outdoor spaces as well! A truly cohesive design extends to your entire property line; because as we all know, a home doesn’t seemly end because we walk out our front door.

Create a Master Plan

If you’re already begun planning your remodel, or are in those beginning stages, think about how you can draw out those interior plans and designs outward to create a connection between your interior design and exterior design. The colors and textures you choose to use inside may work perfectly outside of your home as well. Just think about walking, biking, or driving up to your home and seeing a full story being told right from the first view.

My suggestion? On your own or with an interior designer, create a plan that incorporates whichever rooms in your home that are being remodeled, as well as your back or front yard. This way, you’re not leaving out any important spaces that bring value to your home or intrinsic value to you as the homeowner. Not sure what styling works best for you? I’d suggest creating a “mood board” or “color palette board” on apps like Pinterest. You may not be set on a design style or “theme” yet, but it can help to see design trends or even colors you like together in one space. This will give you a clearer sense of what you’re attracted to, what you find beautiful, and what will work best for you in your interior and exterior spaces.

Connect the Inside to the Outside

As I’ve mentioned before, letting your interior and exterior work together is a great way to bring peace and cohesion to your home. Ask yourself a few important questions like: what do I want guests to think as soon as they see my home from the outside? Do I want to communicate comfort or some other emotion? How can I creatively extend the interior of my home outward? Your answers will likely lend a hand to what your landscaping and home’s exterior look like in the future.

Focus On Remodeling the “Heart” of Your Home

Whether you’re planning to work your way from the inside out or outside in, pay attention to rooms that become the “heart of the home”. Of course, this may be different between homeowners. You may feel updating your bedroom suite is the best place to start, others might find more reason to update their kitchen. Whatever rooms you may be focusing on at first, remember to keep connections throughout your space. No matter if your remodel is simple and effective, or dramatic, make sure you strive to “keep the peace” from room to room.

Reduce Overall Maintenance in Important Spaces

Many homeowners are afraid to enhance their outdoor landscapes in fear that they won’t be able to maintain the space. As a person without a green thumb, I felt the same as I was remodeling my home. I knew that I wanted to extend the liveliness, muted color palette, and craftsmanship of my interiors outward, but I didn’t feel I could take care of a large grass area. Thankfully, my interiors were already reflecting a lower-maintenance design option for the exteriors. I choose to include low-maintenance plants (ones that didn’t require constant attention) instead of the standard large lawn space and garden. Thankfully, I still have a good amount of grassy, green space for outdoor picnics, but the area is more than manageable to care for with a few soil maintenance tricks. As for garden beds and curb landscaping, I spoke with a local company about what would be best for my skill level. Hardy lavender and muted succulents became the centerpiece to my space. I was amazed to see the exterior of my home become a perfect representation of what you’d see once you stepped through the front door. 

Go With Your Gut

Over anything else, go with what feels right in your indoor and outdoor space. Spend as much time cooking outside and you do inside? Make sure to implement a dedicated outdoor cooking space. Have children that love to play outdoors as much as they do in the family common area? Create dedicated spaces for playtime that make moving inside and outside simple and fun. Whatever your ideal remodel, remember to connect your spaces to create the ultimate home.

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