Complete your kitchen with the right size and type of cabinets

A kitchen is incomplete without its cabinets. The number of cabinets in a kitchen may vary but every kitchen will have at least a few of them so as to store the essentials. When you are choosing the cabinet for your kitchen, there are a number of factors you need to keep in mind. First of all, you need to understand the basic types of cabinets available and then make a decision based on your preference.


Types of kitchen cabinets


  1. Base cabinets: These are the basic and simple cabinets which are 24 inches in depth and 36 inches tall. The depth may vary depending on the area available. The cabinets are usually rested atop a riser for ease of use.


  1. Wall Cabinet: These are usually found above the base cabinets and are on the upper area of the wall. They are 12 inches in depth and this can be increased up to 17 inches.


  1. Tall cabinets: These cabinets serve as broom storage or as pantry space and are usually 84 inches in height. They are used occasionally and serve as the general storage space in the house.


  1. Specialty cabinets: These are customized cabinets which help organize your kitchen essentials well. These include the sink front, bottle racks or appliance garages. These cabinets creates workspace between the countertops and the bottom edge of the upper cabinets. They can be designed as per the space availability in your kitchen.


Quality grades for the cabinets


You need to keep in mind that not all cabinets will be of the same quality. They will vary according to the size and the type of material used in the same. In order to ensure ease of use and high durability, you need to choose cabinets that are made from high quality material. You need to choose the cabinet based on your preference and requirements. They are divided into four categories as mentioned below:


  1. Ready to assemble: These cabinets are made keeping a specific size, type and cost in mind. They are purchased from the retail stores and the available options are limited. All you need to do is assemble the cabinet at your home as per the guidelines provided on the manual. However, these are not very durable and might cause trouble in the long term. If you are looking for a one time investment and long term use, this is not the option for you.


  1. Stock cabinets: These cabinets are purchased from the manufacturer and sold by the retailers. They are available in fixed sizes and you cannot alter the same. If the cabinet fits into the available space in your kitchen, it is suitable for you or else you will have to look at alternative options. The material may vary depending on the manufacturer. They are affordable and attractive but not long lasting.


  1. Semi customized: Here you get a wider selection with regard to the style and the material you want inside your home. You can make size adjustments as well as alter the material to enhance its quality. They can be altered with regard to the depth of the material. You get a wide selection and can also opt for decorative enhancements that will add an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen.


  1. Customized: The best option out of all, custom cabinets are made to order and they will be exactly what you asked for. You get a wide option with regard to material, style, size and finish. They are specially made for you keeping the available space in mind and will offer high end options. Depending on your budget, you can choose the material and the type of cabinet you want in the kitchen. If you want to look at the options, click on this page learn more about the same. In case you choose to customize the cabinet, you might have to pay slightly on the higher side but you will get endless options in terms of size, shape or even the finish.


It is best to choose a cabinet keeping the decor inside the kitchen in mind. If you have purchased the rest of the furniture for your home, you need to keep that in mind while ordering for a cabinet. The cabinet will be of utmost importance in the kitchen, hence it will be worth spending a little more on the same.  It is best to choose high quality material of the cabinet to ensure durability and ease of use.

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