Cutting Edge Home Improvements

Home improvementBy Aurora McCausland

Whether your house has been on the market for months with no offers, or you’re just trying to make sure that you have the best looking house on the block, home improvements and renovations are never a bad idea. When you’re thinking of rehauling your home and making some changes, whether major or minor, it can be really hard to figure out where to start. Your home is a pretty big space, and there are lots of little areas that could be changed or improved, that the entire project can seem so overwhelming that you delay beginning improving indefinitely. Don’t let the idea of home improvement intimidate you! Here are a few cutting edge home improvements that will make your home the best on the block.

Energy saving

Sometimes, the best home improvement projects aren’t the ones that you can see. Having a home that is green and saves a lot of energy is not only a huge selling point, but it’s going to make your utility bill a lot smaller and it’s better for the environment. A lot of prospective buyers will pay special attention to homes that have things such as solar panels, because they know it will save them money, as well. They don’t want to go through the hassle of getting them installed, but they will more than pay for themselves within a few months. Read here to learn more about solar power and the ROI for your property.

Remodel your kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your entire home. The nice thing about a kitchen remodel is that you don’t have to redo the entire room to make a beautiful difference. You can change a few key parts, and your entire kitchen will look brand new. If you’re looking for a quick face lift, a little paint goes a long way. You can paint all of the walls, or the cabinets, to open up the room and make it look new without doing any other work. Try light colors to make your kitchen look more open and larger. If you’re looking for a few other projects that will make a big impact, a backsplash is another fun project that you can do yourself that will make your kitchen look a lot more expensive. And of course, if you’re wanting to commit to the whole kitchen, replace your kitchen countertops with granite or marble countertops. Not only do granite countertops look stunning, but they’re durable and last a long time. Look here for some ideas on how to use granite throughout the home.

Update your landscaping

A first impression of your home is made before they even step in the door. Even the most beautiful interior will be tainted by the memory of your unpleasant exterior. If you aren’t sure where to start, you should always start with the outside. This is definitely one of the bigger remodeling projects, but it goes the longest way to impressing guests and potential buyers. A fresh coat of paint really does wonders, even if it’s just to update the color that’s already there. Painting your front door a complimentary color is also a great way to update the exterior of your home.

The next part of updating the exterior of your home, is the landscaping. You don’t need to do anything fancy, but you should at least pull weeds and anything unsightly and make it look uniform. This could mean ripping the whole thing up and replacing your landscaping with fresh sod, or it could also mean replacing the whole yard with rock landscaping. Both of these are relatively inexpensive options to redo your yard, and then you can add individual features to it over time. A few shrubs and trees, as well as flowers and other beautiful plants, will do a lot to make your home look stunning from the outside.

Update your light fixtures

Another small update that will make a big impact, is replacing your light fixtures. We all know those little dome lights that sit on the ceiling and make the whole room look yellow. You probably have a few of those in your home. But you shouldn’t. Find some hanging light fixtures that you really like, and get rid of the ugly lights. Even better, replace all yellow light bulbs with white ones. It will make every room like more bright and more aesthetically pleasing.

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