Different Styles of Kitchen Designs

Kitchens are no longer the dull and dreary spaces for work, hidden somewhere in the house but it is the focal point of most of the houses today. Depending on the kitchen design you can develop the rest of your home. Kitchens occupy an important position in the homes today and are sometimes used as family spaces, for entertaining guests, hosting a small party and even as offices. Like clothing and furniture kitchens also come in different styles. One has to give careful thought before planning to remodel the existing kitchen or building a new one.

Top 3 Things to Consider When Designing a New Kitchen would be the style, lighting, and furniture. Depending on your personal taste you can opt for a kitchen style that is modern, or classic, or transitional which is a mix of contemporary and classic elements. Doesn’t matter if you are planning the entire home based on the design of your kitchen or trying to match your kitchen’s style to the other rooms of your home, your kitchen should reflect your personal taste and style. Let’s take a look at the different styles of kitchens.

Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchens are designed in such a way so as to minimize or avoid clutter. Sophisticated materials, exotic and expensive woods, reflecting surfaces and modern light fixtures are used in modern kitchens. Chairs with a classical touch luxurious look and seating made of polished woods also add style to modern kitchens.

Classic Kitchen

A traditional or classic kitchen is simple, comfortable and clean and is often characterized by white tiles, glass doors or paneled doors, and lights and lamps with a vintage or classic look. Wallpapers are often used to give these kitchens a traditional look and light colored paints are used on walls. Some of the classic looking kitchens include:

  1. Farmhouse/Country Kitchen

Country kitchens are open and welcoming with traditional looking furniture like cabinets and farmhouse tables. A mix of colors are used in country kitchens and the colors range from blue, yellow and red to shades of cream and even white.

  1. Cottage Kitchen

Cottage kitchen gives a classic, cozy and timeless feel and appearance to both tiny and huge spaces.  Soft and pale colors, farmhouse sinks, traditional looking and furniture style cabinets, open shelves, pendant light fixtures and wooden flooring are some of the characteristics of a cottage kitchen.

Transitional Kitchen

A transitional kitchen includes both modern and traditional elements. Wooden or white colored cabinets, granite or marble counters, and brass shelves give a traditional look to the kitchen. Adding some modern accessories and details gives a transitional look to your kitchen. Giving a matt finish to the kitchen cabinet instead of paint or polish would also add a touch of modernity. Transitional light fixtures can be used to light up these kitchens.

You can choose the color, furniture, cabinets, kitchen lights and kitchen décor based on your preference of style and build the kitchen of your dreams.

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