Your Digital Home Buying Assistant is Here! Introducing DADO Notes

Ever wonder how you are going to remember everything about all the houses you are seeing when you are buying a new house? Well, we have you covered! All you need is your very own digital home buying assistant, DADO Notes. Just download DADO Notes from the App Store (coming soon to Android fans!). Let us share all the ways DADO Notes helps keep you organized and ultimately buy the best house.

Download every house you want to remember. You can add as many houses to your account as you like.  Just click on the blue + sign and type in any address. The app pulls in a basic house file complete with: location, lot size, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, walkability scores and much more.

Add your own photos of each house

As you walk through each home, you can now add pictures of everything you want to remember. The good, the bad and the quirky! Your agent can also give you advice on the different aspects of each property you might want to snap away that are not typically included in marketing materials like the furnace, outside views from every side of the house, etc. You can also add pictures from the neighborhood, so you remember which house was walking distance to the park or had that great deli down the street.

Rate houses on 10 key attributes

When DADO Notes was being developed, we researched the top attributes both home buyers and top professional agents said were important for home buyers to remember when considering a new home. The top ten have been included in the rating menu for you to give a 1 to 5 star rating:  Location, Situation, Curb Appeal, Size, Floor Plan, Master Bedroom, Kitchen, Storage, Lighting,  & Finishes.

In App Sharing with Family, Friends and your Agent

You can add as many people as you like to help you with your purchase decision. DADO Notes has built in connections specifically with family members, your friends and your agent. This gives you the ability to connect in real time with one another. You can immediately see if you and your spouse are both getting the same vibe.

One great feature is sharing ratings. For example, once you and your spouse have rated a property independently you can compare where you are aligned. The same goes for friends and your agent.

DADO Notes sharing features often help facilitate conversations about different attributes of a property home buyers have not thought to discuss in real time before.  There are so many different aspects of a house that make it perfect. The goal of DADO Notes is to leverage technology to make it easier and less stressful to stay organized.

Tagging properties for easy search

After you have seen several properties, it can be a challenge to remember which ones that had the best back yard for your dog or room for a piano or ??? The DADO Notes tagging feature makes this easy. You can tag every property in real time or after you leave based on all the pictures you have taken. Then when you are reviewing the different options you can pull up only the ones with “room for a pool in the backyard”, or what you have decided when you were tagging properties.

All tags are shared as well. So you can add tags about items you really care about and your spouse can add their tags for what they want. Then you can see what each other are tagging as well. “Sweet Man Cave” “room for pool table” (the one you don’t know about yet!). But wait I tagged that “Sweet Craft Stash Room”! Did I mention DADO Notes can prompt some important home buying conversations?

You have found THE house!

Negotiations for the house contract need to be as detailed as possible. DADO Notes makes it easy for you to remember all the details of what you want included in the contract. What light fixtures, window treatments, appliances, etc. you expect to come with the house. Were there items you expect to be fixed before close. Everything is now in one place and shared with your agent in real time when they are negotiating on your behalf.

Download the app today at:

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