Everything you need to know about pressure washing

The hot months of summer are a welcome change from the dry weather. However, when it is summer, there is mud, mildew, pollen, dried grass clippings and greasy film caused due to air pollution which covers everything in sight. A pressure washer will make the tough job of cleaning in to a simple and convenient job. It will help in the removal of the blistered or flaking paint. However, not many homeowners have the knowledge required for pressure washing.


What is pressure washing?


Pressure washing is basically the use of high pressure water spray in order to remove mold, dust, loose paint, mud, grime and chewing gum from the surfaces of buildings or vehicles. It is a powerful method of using water to clean the surfaces. The volume in a pressure washer is expressed in the form of liters per minute and is designed into a pump. The pressure released from the pump will vary in quantity and most machines use pressure ranging from 750 to 30,000 pounds per square inch or more.


The surface cleaner is a tool which consists of two to four very high pressure jets that are installed on a rotating bar which swivels when the water is flowing. This helps create a cleaning pattern which helps in the cleaning of flat surfaces in no time.


How to choose a pressure washer?


Choosing the right machine is very important and it is much simpler than you might have imagined. You need to begin with deciding on the type of work you are going to do on the machine and then you can select from the top three categories which include residential, light commercial and professional. Your goal will only help you make a decision and provide you with the best pressure washer for your needs. Each category is explained in detail below.


  1. Residential: You can definitely use a pressure washer to keep your home clean and tidy. The pressure washers are affordable and are built for DIY experts. They have a consumer grade engine and pump and they are not ideal for everyday use but they can be used to wash the car on a weekly basis and to clean their siding during Spring.


  1. Light Commercial: Light commercial pressure washers can help bridge the gap between consumers and professional units. They are equipped with a professional pump and have a consumer engine, consumer pump as well as a professional engine. Individuals who take their home cleaning very seriously can opt for this model. The model is designed for frequent use so that you can clean your home up to your heart’s desire.


  1. Professional: A professional washer is built for professional use and has a professional engine and a pump. It can be easily used on a daily basis and is much powerful as compared to the other two models.


Benefits of pressure washing your house


  1. Increase the value of your property: The biggest benefit of pressure washing is that it will help you increase the value of the property. Since the property is clean and neat, it will be of a higher value than the ones that are not cleaned regularly. If you intend to sell the property in the near future, you will be able to fetch a higher price on the same.


  1. Maintain cleanliness of the house: You will not only be able to keep your house clean but you will also be able to maintain the beauty of the house. With regular cleaning, there will be no mold or mildew and any other particles in your lawn or garage or driveway. And your home will look much better as well as highly maintained. Aaron Parker, owner of NashvilleCleanWindows.com said that pressure washing your home or business every 3 months will help prevent natural wear and tear on your property


  1. Protect the health of the family: If you do not remove the mold or algae from the house, it will become persistent in and around the area and it could have an impact on the health of your family. With pressure washing, these particles are removed effectively and it protects the health of the family. Hence, it is recommended to pressure wash your house once in a while.


  1. Ideal form of preventive maintenance: If you want to save money on home repairs or painting, you should get pressure washing done once in a year. It is highly an effective form or preventive maintenance and will save a lot of money every year. It will prevent premature aging and will enhance the the property. There are various benefits of preventive maintenance of the property and pressure washing is a simple and convenient method that helps you achieve the same.


  1. Extensive cleaning of the surface: However, you clean the surface of your house using mop and water, you will not get the same level of cleanliness as pressure washing. The surface that lies just outside the house will need an effective method of cleaning to look clean and shiny. If you are not keen on investing into a machine, you can hire professional companies who offer excellent cleaning services based on your requirements.


Uses of pressure washer


  1. Grills: Cleaning the barbecue grill might be difficult and is often thought as taboo. If you do not do it correctly, you might end up damaging the electrics, hence using pressure washer for the same will make the job easier and will get it done quicker. It will only take ten minutes to clean the BBQ grill.


  1. Gear like mountain bikes and lawn mowers: If you own gear like lawn mowers, mountain bikes or boats, you can clean the same using a pressure washer. It might be really difficult to clean it without the use of a tool like pressure washer.


  1. Cars: One of the most important use of the pressure washer is to clean the car. Many people swear by the pressure washer and are happy to see excellent results from the same. It takes about 25 to 30 minutes in a day to clean your car.


  1. Home exteriors: Your house will look extremely beautiful when it is clean. Brick houses are a popular mention for pressure washer uses and it helps clean all types of home exteriors. You can also enjoy window cleaning with the use of this efficient equipment.
  2. Front entrance stairs: When you try to sell the house, the first thing that a buyer will look at it your front entrance stairs. There is nothing as important as cleaning the front entrance and a pressure washer will make your entrance look ten times cleaner. It can do the job in less than ten minutes and will make your home look extremely beautiful in no time.
  3. Concrete: If your patio is looking dirty and full of dust, you can clean it within minutes using a pressure washer. Patio is an entertaining space inside your house and only if you keep it clean, you will be able to entertain guests. You should use a pressure washer regularly to clean the concrete area and it is also one of the main reasons people invest in the equipment.


There are numerous uses of a pressure washer in your house. You can simply keep your personal area neat and tidy using the machine. Choosing the right machine will make your job quick and convenient. It is an effective technique to clean spaces in and around the house without having to put in a lot of efforts.

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