How to Host a Successful Summer Open House

Now that summer is here, it’s the perfect time to draw prospective homebuyers in with open houses and special events. When the sun comes out and the days are longer, people love to get outside and start fraternizing! Outdoor events are a great way to bring people together, and can be a wonderful marketing tool for you. If you are selling apartments or condos in a larger complex, or you have a house for sale that features great outdoor spaces, an indoor/outdoor open house can be a great way to feature the space. Here are a some tips that you can follow if you want to host a successful summer event…

Make sure to delegate

When you are in charge of planning an open house, then you need to think of yourself as a leader, because taking charge is the only way that anything is really going to get done. There is one trait that all good leaders have, and that is to delegate. Don’t be afraid to give important jobs to other people. If you try to tackle too much yourself, then you’re just going to spread yourself too thin, cause an unreasonable amount of stress, and end up with a heaping hot mess of an event, anyways. So, learn to trust people and spread out the work.

Make the home impeccable

Surprising things will put people off of a home, even if they can easily fix those problems themselves when they move in. For example, any sign of pests or little house spiders can make the whole house feel dirty. It’s an instant dealbreaker for many of the best buyers. So make sure that you take measures to prevent pests, plumbing problems, and cover up signs of cracks and chips in the walls and moulding. This goes double for any signs of pets, as that’s another thing that can worry prospective homebuyers.

Remove personal items

While some personal details seem like they should make it easier for prospective buyers to see themselves in the home, the truth is that most personalization is a turnoff to prospective buyers. They want just enough details to imagine living there, but enough of a blank slate to leave room for their own vision of how they’ll decorate and adjust the space. For this reason, it’s wise to replace any family photos on the wall or mantle with more generic ones.

Have an indoor(ish) area

While having an outdoor event is a total blast, there’s no denying that hanging out in the sun all day can make people quite exhausted. Because of this, it’s a good idea to have an indoor area, or at least a large shaded area, where people can mingle and cool off. In those areas, make sure that there are some sorts of refreshments (especially water) that can help people get refreshed and replenished, so that they can go back to partying in the sunshine!

Have fliers with the specs

There are a few basic questions that any prospective buyer will have. Make sure that you have fliers available for everyone who comes in the door with all the stats on the home. Not only does this give people a great guide to the basics, it’s also an opportunity for you to draw attention to the best assets of the house, even if you’re not there to guide everyone who comes in the door. Even better, it’s nice for browsers to have something to take home with them to remind them about the house and give them a place to get follow-up information. However, it can be even better for you to send your visitors home with something more memorable than a flier. Fun summer-themed promotional products pair great with a large-scale event.

Don’t forget about safety

If you choose to do a larger outdoor event or fair, you can attract a lot of amazing crowds and create a fun atmosphere that will hype the property. However, whenever there’s a crowd you need to be very careful about security and safety. This article has some great suggestions for making a big event safe for everyone who comes, and protecting your property at the same time.

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