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GAF Golden Pledge vs Other Roof Warranties


One of the most thrilling experiences in a person’s life can be when they move into their very own home for the first time. It can be equally exhilarating to fix up an old home and have it looking good as new. Regardless of whether you’re a new homeowner or are fixing up a home that you’ve lived in for years, the house you occupy is a major part of your life. Many of your best memories will be made there.

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Nevertheless, it’s also true that owning a house can be a major drain on your finances, especially when it comes to major repairs on large areas, such as the roof. You want to be a homeowner, but you also want to have a sense of financial security. That’s why it’s important to ensure you have the best warranty for your roof.

Since making the right choice when it comes to coverage for your newly installed roof can impact your family’s financial future for years to come, it’s important to do some thorough research. Many homeowners will find that the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty is one of their best options, but how does this choice compare to other warranties? Read on to find out:

What to Look For in a Warranty

As you might expect, not all roofing warranties are the same. Coverage will vary quite a bit depending on what you opt for. Some warranties will cover specific weather conditions, such as high winds, while others won’t.

Some warranties are good for 10 years, and some can be good for 50 years or more. Some cover other issues that plague roofing shingles, such as the growth of algae and other major problems. It’s worth researching to see exactly what you will be covered for when you purchase a warranty and how long you’ll be covered.

What Types of Warranties Are Out There?

There are several variations on the roofing warranty that may be available to you, depending upon the work you’ve had done and what your roofing contractor or manufacturer offers. The most common type of roofing warranty is a manufacturer’s warranty, which is often included with a new home when you first buy it. These warranties don’t usually give you a lot of coverage. You’re usually only covered for materials that fail before they should.

A roof workmanship warranty comes from your contractor. It generally covers labor for a normal average of 10 years, although this can vary. When using this type of warranty, you’ll usually need to secure the services of your original for repairs and other work.

A full system warranty usually covers materials, including anything that was put in when the roof was first installed. It does not, however, usually cover any problems that might arise from a faulty installation.

How To Qualify for the Warranty You Want

You’ll also need to take note of the fact that your roof isn’t automatically covered by every possible warranty. The vast majority of them will have conditions attached, including who installs your roof, what materials you use, and the type of upkeep the roof receives. This is to ensure that your roof stays in great condition for many years. Every part of it should be chosen and carefully installed by the right qualified roofing professional.

What Sets the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty Apart?

GAF is a company that manufactures roofing materials, and several warranty options are offered with their products. All roofing shingles and other qualifying accessories are covered under their basic GAF Shingle & Accessory Limited Warranty, which already automatically covers any manufacturing defects in the products. This basic warranty doesn’t require any kind of registration, which already sets it apart from other roofing companies, some of which may not offer any sort of warranty on their products as a matter of course.

Another major factor that sets GAF’s warranties apart is the length of time they’re good for. If you utilize Timberline shingles in the building of your home, they’re covered for the lifetime of your roof, even at the most basic warranty level.

You’ll also have access to GAF’s Smart Choice Protection Period, which is in addition to the regular warranty coverage on the roofing materials. If there are any defects in the manufacturing of the roofing materials, they’re likely to appear relatively early on in the roof’s lifetime. The Smart Choice Protection Period covers this time.

If your roof has the Shingle & Accessory Limited Warranty, the Smart Choice Protection Period is good for 10 years, and that’s just the beginning tier. There are many other warranties offered depending upon your needs. Other warranties offered by GAF are good for up to 50 years, which will easily cover the majority of the roof’s lifetime.

What Problems Are Covered?

There are plenty of issues that can crop up during the lifetime of your roof. Among the most common is discoloration due to the growth of algae—GAF manufactures StainGuard shingles to prevent this—which are covered under the terms of the GAF Golden Pledge Warranty.

Heavy winds can also prove damaging to roof shingles, so GAF ensures that your roof is covered there too. At the highest tier, which is the Golden Pledge, many of the shingles that they manufacture have no limit on the wind speed that’s covered.

How To Make Sure You Qualify for the Golden Pledge Warranty

As we mentioned above, you have to meet certain conditions to qualify for the top tier warranties, including the Gold Pledge. In general, problems caused by faulty installation are not covered under the terms of any warranty, so you’ll need to ensure your roof is installed by a highly qualified professional.

By ensuring that your roof is installed properly and maintained regularly, you’ll reap the benefits of your GAF warranty for many years to come.


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