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What To Do If Your Home Won’t Sell

It’s only natural for a homeowner to start panicking when they have their home up for sale for months without attracting a buyer. Despite your best advertising […]

Should You Hold An Open House?

With the worst economic recession in decades, the real estate market has taken a great big hit. There are so many empty houses on just about every […]

Real Estate Dreams or Reality?

The real estate market can be a volatile and exciting challenge for both buyers and sellers alike. However, being a lucrative and fiercely competitive market, it is […]

How to List Your Home on MLS

The “MLS,” also known as the Multiple Listing Service is a widely accessed network of real estate listing information. Anyone considering selling their home would be wise […] is a website that is dedicated to helping people sell their homes themselves without having to pay the traditional commissions and fees that brokers charge. The […]