Free Real Estate Listings

Here's the latest list of the best places to list your home for sale (for free).

When you go to sell your home you can tackle it two different ways; hire a real estate agent or use a service like to help […] is one of the largest online FSBO websites available, which is why a large number of people are still finding success using this website. At the […]

Advertise Your Home for Sale

You are selling your home yourself. You have completed all the necessary repairs and cosmetic preparations and you are ready to tell the world that your home […]

Where to Post Free Home Listings

Many that are looking to sell their home are also looking for cost effective ways to do this. Everyone is looking for easy ways to save money […]

Are Distressed Homes Worth it?

With the real estate market in the shape that it is currently in there seems to be more and more distressed properties popping up on every block […]

Hosting a Successful Open House

A huge part of selling a home is letting prospective buyers see what your home has to offer. An open house is a great way to accomplish […]

Selling Your Own Home

The “For Sale By Owner” process can be difficult. This can be time consuming but often results in substantial cost savings. If you are thinking about going […]

Buying Foreclosure Homes

Unless you have been in a coma for the last year, you know that the housing market in the United States is in a deep crisis. Home […]

Photographing Your Home for Sale

If you are going to sell your home yourself, one of the things you will need to do is advertise your home. While there are various avenues […]