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Who They Are

podsmovingPODS is the ideal place to turn to for your moving and storage needs. They have been in business since 1998 and have grown rapidly in the recent years. They have been making the task of relocating or storing goods much less overwhelming by offering convenient services and solutions, depending on what your needs are. They value their customers and understand the needs of people that are seeking both storing options and reliable movers.

Being the inventor of the portable storage category, PODS is the leader when it comes to helping people to move or store their goods. They are located all over the U.S., serving over 2 million people to date. You can always count on PODS to treat you right while helping you to effectively and affordably move your goods in a safe manner.

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What They Provide

PODS has the right answer for you, whether you are moving somewhere in the same city or in a different city. They give customers a good selection of storing options for personal and business goods, which are complete with security and safety so you can trust that your things are going to be stored responsibly.

Convenience is one of the best assets that come from choosing PODS. Affordability is something that every customer can be assured of with this professional company. There are never any hidden fees and there is a wide variety of pricing options. PODS will always work around the schedules of their clients, making things as smooth and as hassle-free as possible.

You can feel free to pack and unpack at your own pace with no tight deadlines in sight. Prices can cover from a full day to 30 days, so you can count on great service and support for the entire day that you need them. Everything is done on the customer’s schedule and no one will touch your things, except for you.

PODS delivery trucks provide remarkable convenience and ease by having delivery trucks that are equipped with patented lift system that prevent items from shifting while driving to the storage facilities or to the new home.

If you are moving, PODS will help you out whether you are moving to another area altogether or just not another neighborhood. They always have you covered.

If you need storage space to de-clutter your home, remodel your home, or for business supply storage, you can count on PODS to give you something that works with your budget. Storage facilities boast secure storage, climate monitoring, weekly cleaning, security, easy access, safe location of storage building, and inaccessibility to anyone but you. You can choose from three different sizes, so that you can determine which unit will allow for the best capacity for your budget.

You are free to store your belongings from a few weeks to a few years. At PODS, it is all about what you need.
Sometimes, emergency situations will occur. Damage can be done to your home or business building, due to severe weather, or other unforeseen events such as fire, that can lead to a great deal of frustration and stress. PODS is specialized in aiding those in emergency situations, providing fast and efficient service.

PODS is very helpful in managing emergency solutions to both individuals and families during such stressful situations. PODS understands the dynamics and stresses of a home or business damage. They are there to help with moving and storage needs, with services ranging from fire and water damage, disaster recovery, and person emergencies. The sturdy and weather resistant containers will ensure that all of your belongings are protected in the event of severe weather.

How They Work

PODS brings you the empty container to fill your belongings in. They come right to you – you never need to go to them. You can then pack up the container at your own pace. Once it is full and you are ready to go, PODS will come and pick up the container. If you want to store your things, then PODS will deliver them right to one of their storage centers. It will stay there safely in a climate controlled environment for as long as you wish it to be there. If you want to move something to another area, even if it is across the country, you can rely on PODS to deliver it for you.

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