Selling Property? Here are some Expert Real Estate Tips

Are you planning to sell your property? The sale process itself is a time-consuming affair – beginning with a sign on the lawn and concluding at times, after months of fruitless negotiation and paperwork. As a home-seller, it is imperative that you have more control over the process and listing the property on an MLS is one step in the right direction.

The advantage of putting your real estate on an MLS or multiple listing service platforms is that you get to reach out to a much higher number of potential buyers. With a multiple listing service platform, real estate brokers get to cooperate with their peers and send the information faster through this integrated network. Buyers also prefer an MLS facilitated real estate search since they enjoy the resources of multiple brokers while only paying one. There are many sites that command thousands of real estate searchers every day, you can list your property for a flat fee. This visibility you get is more dynamic and far-reaching than through a single real estate agent’s network.

Multiple listings create more competition amongst real estate agents, as the smaller ones can compete with the big names. This is beneficial for the sellers and the buyers.  Flat fees can help you save thousands of dollars because if you find a direct buyer who is not using a realtor, you skip the commission fees. Mike Johnson from Intermountain Properties says that real estate values are much more stable in an area that is landlocked by water or mountains.

The Listing Process

A multiple listing service provider simplifies real estate listing to a great extent – everything can be done from the comfort of your computer. All you need to do to get started is fill up a simple online form. There are further details that need to be listed as you progress and you also need to upload pictures.

Ideas for Home Sale Pictures

Ever booked a hotel online and realized that the pictures always make the room look bigger and in the best light? You need to do something like that for your home before you sell it. Spend some time getting the best images. This helps you catch the attention of people going through dozens of listings. Give your frames good symmetry – make sure the object of focus is on the center. Wait for the golden hours for good images – around sunrise and sunset. Apart from spectacular lighting, these pictures also have an endearing, intimate charm about them – perfect for someone who is looking for a new home.

How to Prep your Property

Now that you have got the basics of how an MLS can help your sale, there are a few other things to consider. How do you get the best price for your property in such a competitive and often inconsistent market? At the end of the day, a potential buyer will make the decision based on what he or she sees and experience.

Beautify the Entrance

How about making the house look attractive from the entrance itself? Add some personality to the geometry of your home by doing up the curb a little bit. Keep your lawn manicured and spruce up the driveway and boundaries with some flowers. Make sure your front door looks bright and inviting – giving it a fresh coat of paint is an easy solution.

De-Personalize and Small Fixes

When potential buyers walk into the home, they would subconsciously associate clutter with a negative reaction. Make sure your living space is neat and clean. It makes the home look larger and is also indicative of good maintenance. Buyers will also want to imagine themselves living in your home so if the decor is extremely personalized that can put them off. Repainting the interiors is another good idea – stick to neutral tones. Scuff marks and badly maintained, loose knobs and handles do not give a good impression. These are small details that can easily be fixed.

Get Rid of the Smells

The biggest deal breaker when it comes to real estate is hygiene. Cleaning up the home is one thing but getting rid of smells takes a little more work. At times, you might not notice certain odors but someone entering the property certainly will. Stay away from superficial solutions like air-spray. This one may require some deeper methods.  

How to Choose a Lister

Before you choose a multiple listing service, make sure that you enjoy the whole bouquet of provisions. Nowadays, the best multiple listing services also pledge a greener business model. Paperless processes, digital communication, and recyclable signage are some of the focus areas of green firms. They not only reduce their environmental impact but also function in a more modern, efficient manner.

Selling a house is a big decision, one that ushers in new beginnings and fresh starts. Prepare in the best way possible and enjoy a seamless transition.

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