Sometimes Do it Yourself Projects Require a Professional: Five Things to Remember

When working on do-it-yourself projects at home, the amateur home repairman may need the help of professional. While some people are comfortable having contractors do all the work, others would prefer to do as much of the work as they can. The professionals at Fastec engineering have said that projects that aren’t planned and executed properly could result in injury or failure of the project itself. Each of these five scenarios absolutely require having a professional on-site to make sure that the work is done properly and up to code.


While the homeowner can replace a blown circuit breaker or install a ceiling fan, the homeowner is not qualified to change out a whole circuit breaker box, rewire the house or alter the wire in outlet boxes. These changes must meet municipal codes and are very dangerous for anyone other than a professional to do. A professional electrician can handle the job much more quickly and safely than an amateur.



Many homeowners can fix their toilet or tighten a leaky faucet. However, replacing hot water heaters, moving sinks, faucets or tubs and re-piping parts of the house should be done by a professional. For the safety and integrity of the home, piping must be done by a licensed and certified plumber.

Real Plumber at work under a sink


While many homeowners would like to go out and buy all of the insulation they need and install it themselves, the problem with insulation is that is must be installed in exactly the right spot. Insulation must be placed in targeted areas to ensure that the home holds in hot or cool air. Without the assistance of a trained professional, the homeowner could spend hundreds of dollars on insulation that will not help.


Framing and Demolition

Many homeowners would like to knock down a wall and open up a room. However, the homeowner is likely not well-versed in what walls are load-bearing and which are not. Only a professional contractor can asses the situation with the walls and only remove the joists that are safe to remove. Without help, the homeowner could endanger the structural integrity of the house.


HVAC Repair

Homeowners can look up solutions to HVAC repair problems, but only licensed and certified HVAC technicians should be dealing with the inner workings of the furnace or the air conditioner. These are highly-complicated appliances that are dangerous when not handled properly.


Calling in a technician to help with these jobs can make sure the work is done right while the homeowner handles everything else in the house.

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