Spanish Property Bargains in Javea

There are many reasons to retire early if you can afford it. While many people are happy to continue living in their current town after retirement, others see it as a time to recalibrate their lives and move to another city or even abroad.

Javea in Spain is an accessible location for retirees, from all over the world, with British, German and US expats actually outnumbering the locals in this sunny Costa Blanca seaside resort.

It does not surprise the location is so popular, as there are a diverse culture and plenty of activities to keep the town people busy. The climate is fabulous, and as a holiday resort, you will find the place has a friendly atmosphere and very sociable people. While the winter time in Javea can be tranquil, you are just 45 minutes’ drive from Benidorm, one of the liveliest resorts in Europe, where there is plenty to do all year round for all ages.

Property Investment in Javea

Nowadays, owning a fabulous seaside property in Spain is not a dream reserved only for the wealthy. Since the property market crash of 2008 property for sale in Jávea is available at surprisingly affordable prices. The downturn in the Spanish economy in recent years has been perfect for buyers who have snapped up bargains in upmarket resorts like Jávea. To see some examples of property bargains in the area, visit

One of the great things about investing in a resort property in Spain is that it serves a double purpose. Depending on your wishes, you could use your new property as a second home or as a main residence, and due to the ever-increasing popularity of this area for holidaymakers, buying a home in Spain is also an opportunity for a rental investment. A well-located apartment or villa on the Costa Blanca can be rented for several months each year and thanks to the pleasant year-round warm temperatures, the season is not restricted to just a few summer months as is the case further north in Spain.

In recent months, property prices in the region have started to rise steadily, and it is predicted it will not take too long for them to reach or even exceed the same level before the crash of 2008. This is why real estate investors worldwide are investing in Spanish property these days. But it is time to act while prices are still on average around 20 % lower than they were before the recession.

So whether you are thinking about buying a holiday home, or you want to live all year round amidst the most stunning natural backdrops, or you want to make a great return on investment in the real estate market buying a property in Javea is a great option right now.

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