Spring Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Spring is in the air and the sunshine is back.  No more cold white fluff plaguing your yard or the roads.  No more coats or bone-chilling winds. It’s time to bring out your shorts, capri pants, sandals, and swim suits.  Pack away the winter mittens and trade them in for gardening gloves and tools. While you may begin a spring cleaning inside your home, what about the exterior?  A good power wash to your siding can make the outer appearance of your house shine.  Additionally, revitalizing your yard with organic compost, stemming from your green waste, as well as a dash of aeration and a regular water routine, can be the recipe to the perfect curb appeal.

Benefits of Power Washing

We all know that houses typically need a fresh coat of paint every 8-10 years.  Power washing your home each year can stretch that paint a bit further. It helps prevent damage, as well as preserves the siding on your house.  Also, power washing can help prep your home for future painting. If you keep up with washes each season or even once a year, it’s going to keep grime, dirt, and everything off the siding.  Then, when it’s time to paint, it will be much easier and less work. Plus, think about all of the pollens and allergens that collect over a period of time. Sometimes mold can grow. By cleaning your house each year, you protect your family from those things that could cause respiratory issues or sicknesses for your loved ones.  Power washing is a safe way to clean your home and it does not damage the environment. It uses water at high pressure. You can purchase a power washer at a hardware store for a pretty low price or hire a company to come and wash the house. Either way, it’s fairly inexpensive. Overall, it’s going to give your home a clean look, almost like a makeover.  This increases curb appeal for sure.

Composting Your Way to Vibrancy

In addition to spring cleaning the exterior of your home, you can spring clean your yard.  Rake out the dead grass and break up the bad roots of weeds you don’t want to begin growing in your yard.  Start composting. This is really easy to set up and healthy for your yard. As your family discards fruits and vegetables, eggshells, coffee grounds, cardboard, old newspapers, and more, you can begin a compost pile.  All you need is a solid container with a lid that will allow you to turn it and mix it. Place green yard waste (like leaves, straw, grass clippings, etc.) in the bin.  Layer it will table scraps mentioned above, as well as some soil.  Lightly water everything, but don’t overindulge, because too much water will cause the compost pile to mold and smell.  Seal the pile with a lid, and then, allow the sun to work its “heating” magic. As the pile warms, the macro and microorganisms will begin to work in the soil.  They will help breakdown the compost. After a week, you can rotate the pile and turn it. Keep the rotation going for 4-6 weeks.  

By that time, everything should be broken down in the pile and you will be ready to add this soil goodness to your plants and trees around your yard.  You can apply some of the compost to areas in your yard that are struggling to overcome the brown look. Flowers and vegetable gardens can also benefit from the composting.  Again, just like the power washing, composting is good for the environment and it’s cost-effective. You’re re-using materials you have in your home and around your yard, that would otherwise get thrown away.  You’re feeding your yard organic food, and overall increasing the curb appeal of your home.

These are two ideas that can spring clean your home’s exterior.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money or time. Power washing the siding of your house, as well as creating an organic compost pile can keep your yard and home healthy, clean, and beautified.  They’re good for the environment and they can add benefits to your family’s health. Take advantage of the spring rejuvenation and get started today.

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