Ways to Improve the Exterior of Your Home in the New Year

Ways to Improve the Exterior of Your Home in the New Year

The new decade is a great time to start thinking about upgrading the exterior of your home. Home repairs and improvements can often be quite expensive as supplies and labor fees add up quickly. However, there are many easy improvements you can do on your own that will save you money and give your home a fresh new look. By applying some exterior upgrades to your budget in the new year, you can make big strides towards home improvement in a financially feasible way. Pick a few of the suggestions below and little by little your home will look like new. 

  1. Clear Out Junk: If anything extra is camping outside of your home, get rid of it. If it’s needed, find a way to store it in the garage or a shed. Everything else should be tossed or donated. 
  2. Replace Front Door: This can be done with an updated style or simply add a splash of color.
  3. Face Concrete Steps and Pathways: Depending on the style of your home, choose brick or stone to face the steps and pathway to your front door.
  4. Widen or Apply Trim to Roof Overhang: Be sure to stay true to the architectural style of your house.
  5. Paint Shutters: Give your shutters a fresh coat of paint. If you don’t have shutters, considering adding some to add character. 
  6. Do Some Planting: Adding colorful flowers along with shrubs and trees can really tidy up the look of your home’s exterior.
  7. Update House Numbers: An easy fix, consider buying and installing new house numbers, or adding some if they are currently missing.
  8. Add Outdoor Seating: Add a nice bench, some chairs, or a porch swing. 
  9. Clear Out Overgrown Shrubs: Shrubs can reach a point where they can take away from your home’s curb appeal. Consider removing overgrown shrubs to show off more of your home.
  10. Update Old Hardware: Changing your light fixtures, doorknobs, doorbells, and even the mailbox can make a big difference. 
  11. Create Symmetry in the Front: This can be done by having matching planters on either side of the door or by installing matching light fixtures.
  12. New Coat of Paint: Give your house a new coat of paint, but be sure to stick with a neutral color if you are looking to sell soon. 
  13. Update Your Siding or Stucco: Upgrading the stucco or siding of your home goes a long way towards improving the curb appeal of your home. Indeed, it can change the entire aesthetic, with certain sidings feeling more rustic and stucco providing its own western-styled aesthetic.
  14. Install Outdoor Lighting: Light pathways (solar-powered lights are an easy way to do this) or use light fixtures to accent trees or parts of the house that aren’t naturally illuminated. It will make your yard safer and make the space look good!
  15. Install Window Boxes: Choose flowers that follow your color scheme, or add a pop of color if your house has more neutral colors.
  16. Add an Arbor or Decorative Fence Panel: These small additions can take your yard and fence from simple and boring to stylish. 
  17. Replace Gutters and Downspouts: These are not often replaced and can look worn and bring down the look of your house. A quick update can really do wonders.
  18. Fix Up Driveway: Fill cracks, kill weeds, stain the concrete, and line the edges with stone or brick.
  19. Camouflage Eyesores: Take some time to paint electrical boxes and other eyesores the same color as the house so they don’t stick out as much. 
  20. Add Yard Art: A well-placed fountain or sculpture can add a lot of class to a yard. 
  21. Update Your Outdoor Furniture: Even if you are not looking to buy all new furniture, take some time to clean the pieces you do have or buy new cushions and throw pillows to update the style. 
  22. Fill Empty Dirt with Rocks: Add rocks to empty flower beds, around trees, or even to line a walkway if you don’t have time to keep up with the maintenance of plants year-round.  
  23. Fix and Update Porch and Deck Railings: Give your porch and deck railings a little love with some cleaning, an updated paint job, or staining. 
  24. Add a Door Knocker to Front Door: This simple update adds a level of class to the front entrance. 
  25. Plant a Tree or Two: If your yard is fairly bare, consider planting a tree or two to add to the landscape, as well as give you much-needed shade in the years to come. 
  26. Update Garage: The garage should match the house so don’t forget to make changes to it when making changes to the house.
  27. Update Your Radon System: Radon is one of the silent killers that many people are woefully misinformed about. Updating the radon system in your home can prevent the buildup of the odorless gas and reduce your family’s risk of developing lung cancer.

No matter what projects you decide to tackle this spring, remember that a little work can make a big impact. 

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